Threshing Sledge

by Crippler

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released May 28, 2013

Vocals by Matti Viisainen



all rights reserved


Crippler Jyväskylä, Finland

Drums: Timo Häkkinen
Guitars: Pekka Räihä

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Track Name: Leviathan's Gaze
His back a row of shields
Mouth filled with fearsome teeth
His breath a stream of flame
Head high, unwavering

You wish to challenge the immovable
The immeasurable
The inexorable
You are but chaff next to his overpowering stature
A blade of straw under a tidal wave of power

Uncaring to the touch of steel and fire
Still yearning after aeons of time
The weight of mountains
The size of cities
A voice like thunder
He is the threshing sledge!

Essence impressive
True lord pervasive
A force undying
He is the threshing sledge!

He will not beg for mercy
Your hooks can't drag him in
You can't tie down his tongue
The proud and terrible king

They dream to feast his flesh
To take shelter beneath his skin
Under his gaze their empty hopes will burn
And we sail in the tide of his glistening wake
Track Name: Weakling Servants
Pathetic beings so small and irrelevant
claim the right to master the living
How can that which bows to the elements
force the nature to do its bidding

Live and believe in your supreme intelligence
The weight of aeons will prove you wrong

Limbs so weak and tender
Mind no match for matter
Life too short, too brittle
No more than dust

Supreme power based on delusions
Puny insects trampled underfoot

Small and meaningless
No significance
Claims of eminence
Natures excrement

Your mind is too small to question
this foolish dream of a supreme reign
Of this time of so called progression
Not even a memory remains
Track Name: Exiled from the throne of dominance
I have been struck
down to my knees to crawl
I have been made
to beg for my life under
Their screaming whips
sink their teeth into my flesh
I submit
My will to fight has been drained

My scepter has been split
My crown trampled to the ground
My throne a smouldering ruin

Thrust into my cell
I shiver on the cold floor
Once king, now dressed in rags
Stripped of power, I await

Called out to face the judge
Led on by tips of spears
I drag the shackles weight
In agonizing pain

Exiled from the throne of blind illusion
Banished from the court of power
Ruler to nothing but dreams

Tied to the back of a horse
Drawn to the execution
Hanged from the neck
yet left alive
Disemboweled, emasculated
Beheaded and quartered
Burnt down to ashes
Lost and forgotten

Light from the embers slowly fades
Flakes of ash fall to the ground
This death leaves no recollection
Engulfed into infinity